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Our Story

                                               “I grew up surrounded by nature and always sourced my energy from it: the soil, the trees, the fields, water and air. I wanted to share those benefits                                                    that nature gives me around me. That’s why I decided to dedicate my whole life to wellbeing, fitness and health for all with natural remedies. After                                                      years of research & development in natural food supplements, and through my unconditional love for my family and my sons, it  was a labour of love                                                  for me to develop a specially designed innovative range for children, which is also a natural alternative to their daily ailments. I watched my two                                                          sons  Jonathan and Mathieu play, live, be  healthy and I felt the urge to meet the needs of all the children in the world, so they can grow up serenely                                                    and in full health!My two sons have really been an example in the development of this range which in the beginning (in 1998) actually was only one                                                    product. I watched them with their problems and small daily ailments, which allowed me to develop an effective range and really specific to children.


My own children were therefore a source of inspiration for the development of formulas and the choice of the galenic. And their innocent eyes also inspired the  design! Anecdotally,  when I was travelling in the car with my 2 sons, I asked them to make me a drawing that appeals to all children.It's that of my oldest son Jonathan that illustrates the packaging of the very first "Action Kid” product: vials based on royal jelly, pollen, propolis and honey for the vitality of children.

One year later, in 1999, we chose the name SPECIAL KID which is a real success to this day! We currently have a great range

of products that sells millions of units every year in more than 70 countries. That range today is present in the pharmacy, drugstore,

hospital networks and online too. »

A natural pediatric range

Eric Favre Founder


Beyond food supplements, Eric Favre commits by distributing a message of prevention in schools and hospitals throughout the world, promoting sports and health.

With his WorldRiderz association, he fights against chronic kidney failure, in particular to support Ilan, the little son of the founder of the association, who suffers with this pathology.


Touched by children with myopathy around him, he also supports Amis FSH, an association which fights this degenerative disease. 


Every year, Eric Favre supports the association of Pascal Olmeta, former professional footballer, "A smile, a hope for life", as well as Thierry Tournier's MBM association, by taking part in the organisation of sports events whose revenue is donated to sick children.

During his events, he always insists on associating himself with health professionals, such as the Lenval Hospital in Nice in France, or the Saudi German Hospital in Dubai, to give the opportunity to sick children to meet athletes and discover a sport.

Children work twice as much as adults on a daily basis. They need energy and nutrients to face the daily challenges of life and the environment, as well as the necessary energy and nutrients they need to grow. Their bodies and minds are “under construction” as they develop physically, mentally and emotionally as human beings. From this perspective, we realise the importance of supporting them by providing their body with the essential nutrients required for this delicate stage of “construction”. The body and mind that develop during childhood and adolescence become the basis for the rest of their lives.

We observe that a good diet and food supplements are the cornerstone of development and maintenance of good health. Supplementing the diet with vitamins and minerals has become a necessity because firstly we do not eat enough varied food today and, secondly, the food we eat is not as rich as it was 50 years ago. The SPECIAL KID range is made from natural ingredients of the highest

quality in formulas designed for children.

Our Special Kid range is deeply loved
by families from all over the world.

ERIC FAVRE is supporting the public welfare, focusing on the healthy growth of children, providing healthy specialized products and services to millions of families around the world. 


They are sold in 70 countries and regions around the world as Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

Launch in more than 10,000 large chain pharmacies in the EU.

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