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ERIC FAVRE, a well-known French children nutrition and sports health brand, belongs to a French public company group. The brand was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Lyon, France. The founder has a paediatric nutritional and sports health laboratory with independent research qualification, adheres to the concept that 'Inspiring the power of nature into children health.'


SPECIAL KID was developed by a French laboratory, ERIC FAVRE LABORATOIRE, which is known as the better French laboratory of food supplement. The Laboratory has strong skills & specialized equipment in the vegetal extraction. The laboratory rigorously selects its raw material to guarantee the quality of products. Quality controls are done all along the production, since raw material acceptance to final inspection. ERIC FAVRE SPECIAL KID's products are safe, innovative & effective for daily use.



The LABORATOIRE ERIC FAVRE designs in France and has been distributing a new generation of natural food supplements for fitness, well-being, sports, beauty and natural health for the whole family for more than 25 years. ERIC FAVRE LABORATOIRE is present in thousands of points of sale and more than 70 countries.

Since its creation, the LABORATORY ERIC FAVRE is one of the few laboratories to control its complete production chain, from sourcing raw materials, to distribution via plant extraction.

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Eric Favre Special Kid 

75°C Natural Extraction Technology

Eric Favre has spent nearly 6 years on research and mastered this technology under the help of many children’s hospitals in France. The natural plant raw materials extracted at a constant temperature of 75°C are rigorously selected to preserve the properties and natural nutrition of the raw materials as much as possible on most of ERIC FAVRE’s children nutrition products.

Quality Assurance

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Safety Standard Production

  • Recommended by French Pediatrician

  • International GMP production quality management standards

ERIC FAVRE laboratory researchers are all composed of top French children nutrition experts, and have obtained GMP authority certificate, pediatrician recommendation, and ISO22000 food safety management certificate and other qualifications and honors.

Flavor & Effect

ERIC FAVRE understand what most of flavor the children more like. Added sweet and sour fruit flavors. The fruit taste is more acceptable by the babies. The children would enjoy more.

Media reports
In the past 27 years, ERIC FAVRE products have being very popular in the market. Many foreign medias have reported on Eric Favre’s success.

Complete range of 19 products          

From 6 months                 

100% natural origin active ingredients
Delicious flavors
Concentrated formulas


magnesium zinc vitamin d supplement


Shake well before use. Can be taken as it or diluted in water.

• Before 5 years: take 5 ml (one teaspoon) per day.

• After 5 years: take 10 ml (about one tablespoon) per day.

The exclusive range intended for children, meets all the needs and solves the little problems encounter during the growth phase.

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