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Our Eric Favre Special Kid range is deeply loved by families from all over the world. Welcome to shop our store at for children supplements.
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Throughout childhood, every birthday seems to bring something special.


With our special KID’s supplements, meets all the needs and solves the little problems encounter during the growth phase. You can safeguard your child’s diet.

Eric Favre Special Kid Lucky Tiger
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Essential Daily Supplements

Naturally  Immunity Support

Immunity Gummy Tiger

Anti-allergy Syrup

Immunity Syrup

Nose Throat Syrup

Vitaprolis Syrup

Nasal Spray

A healthy stomach!

Travel Sickness



Prevention and Treatment

Rehydration Syrup

Nervousness Syrup

Vision Syrup

Nutri+ Syrup

Sleep Syrup

Gentle Cleansing


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