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How to choose the right vitamin?

In the past few years we have been flooded by recommendations for our children’s diet: things like how too much sugar, fat, and salt can be bad for them. We know how important eating a healthy and balanced diet is, but we’re sometimes forgetting to think about extra vitamins.

Whether your children prefer liquid vitamins, gummies, drops or chewable tablets, Eric Favre SPECIAL KID has a great range of vitamins for kids.

The simplest way to ensure your child gets all these essential vitamins is to find a vitamin product which contains vitamins A, C and D and look at what levels they contain.

Vitamin A and C levels may vary, but remember that the most important level to look out for is vitamin D, as you can't get enough vitamin D from the diet. Government advice from 2016 on how much vitamin D to give your child has been released, so while the market catches up make sure to look for dosages up to 10 mcg.

We’ve put together this simple guide that helps you to find how much vitamin D the UK government say you should give your child through supplementation:


How Much?


0-12 months

8.5 mcg - 10 mcg

All year round (unless infant is on 500 ml of formula milk which already contains vitamin D)

1-4 years old

10 mcg

All year round

5-17 years old

10 mcg

Winter and autumn months

Children from ethnic minorities with dark skin

10 mcg

All year round

For vitamin A and C, there are no specific recommended levels for these two vitamins.

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